Join the Genclusive@Work Virtual Exchange (starts Sept. 2020!)

Join the Genclusive@Work Virtual Exchange (starts Sept. 2020!)

Hi !

We're happy you found us! We're going to assume you're interested in learning more about creating an equitable workplace and not how to bake tofu. 🙌🙌 (see, we do have a sense of humor!) 

Our VIRTUAL Exchange is for you if you...

  • are ready (enough) to dive into your biases, systems and structures of inequity, and do something about them.
  • want all the benefits of working with a cohort but time and geography limits you.
  • are looking for tools for equitable recruiting, hiring, promotion and culture building.
  • want to make your organization more attractive to all genders.
  • need the accountability of learning with a peer cohort to stay the course.

You'll meet with your exchange cohort once a month from 12-1:30pm EST/9-10:30am PST. Lindsey and Jessica will facilitate. 


Sept. 15, 2020

Oct. 13, 2020

Nov. 10, 2020

Jan. 12, 2021

Feb. 2, 2021

March 9, 2021

Questions about programming and/or fees? Email us at Genclusive is all about inclusion and accessibility. If your budget is an issue, please get in touch.

10 Modules

Getting Started with Genclusive

When we talk about having a gender equitable workplace, what we're really talking about is creating a work culture that is equitable and inclusive of everyone. This is culture work. And culture work is people work.

This takes a diverse team of dedicated people who share a purpose, passion, and energy for helping others develop self-awareness as it pertains to privilege, power, and oppression. It's no easy task. Which is why we're here to help guide you as you build your Gender Equity Team at work.

Gender Equity 101

In Gender Equity 101, we give you a list of basic definitions to get you started. We fully acknowledge the complexity of this subject matter and the many factors that influence gender identity and expression.

If you should decide to partake in a Genclusive Exchange, we revisit these terms throughout with additional resources.

Social Justice & Intersectionality in the Time of COVID

In the first weeks of sheltering in place, some dubbed COVID-19 “the great equalizer.” But the weight of the pandemic has fallen unevenly. In the near and long term, the crisis we are all experiencing is likely to be most devastating for women, people of color, and people who were already living on the economic margins, a fact that must inform response and recovery planning.

Unconscious Bias

Intersectionality & Inclusion

Equitable Compensation

Affirmative Recruitment

Culture of Respect

Human-Friendly Workplace

Talent & Leadership

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