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3 Modules

Getting Started with Genclusive

We want you to get the most of your Genclusive experience, !  This is your introduction to how to make that happen.

When we talk about having a gender equitable workplace, what we're really talking about is creating a work culture that is equitable and inclusive of everyone. This is culture work. And culture work is people work.

This takes a diverse team of dedicated people who share a purpose, passion, and energy for helping others develop self-awareness as it pertains to privilege, power, and oppression. It's no easy task. Which is why we're here to help guide you as you build your Genclusive Team at work.

Gender Equity 101

In Gender Equity 101, we give you a list of basic definitions to get you started. We fully acknowledge the complexity of this subject matter and the many factors that influence gender identity and expression.

If you should decide to partake in a Genclusive Exchange, we revisit these terms throughout with additional resources

Social Justice & Intersectionality in the Time of COVID

"Covid widened the cracks in our communities and we have a choice now on how we rebuild."

- Emilie Kornheiser, VT Representative 

In this module, Jessica shares our thoughts about the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 pandemic on women and people of color - AND - the opportunity we have for structural and cultural changes to the systems that have long perpetuated inequity.

Then take a deeper look at how these inequities play out across marginalized communities in a May 28, 2020 webinar produced by Vermont Business for Social Responsibility (VBSR): Same Storm, Different Boats.

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